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Jande Summer

Password Keeper & Subscription Tracker Book A Little Digital Helper Everyone Needs

Password Keeper & Subscription Tracker Book A Little Digital Helper Everyone Needs

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What's inside

  • 1 - Wifi, Network and Router Information Page
  • 52 - Alphabetized Password Keeper – 8 Entries Per Page / 16 Entries Per Letter
  • Each Entry Includes Space for a Website, Email, Username, Password, & Notes
  • Plus a Letter Label on Each Page for Easy Navigation
  • 8 - Extra Blank Password Keeper Pages
  • 12 - Subscription Tracker – with 8 Entries Per Page
  • 5 - Note Pages
  • Illustrated Cover and Pages by Me, Jande Summer

Why you need this:

- Memory Backup: Because your brain has enough to remember without juggling dozens of passwords and subscription details.
- Guardian of Passwords: Keep your digital life under lock and key, protecting it from the chaos of forgetfulness and hackers alike.
- Budget Help: Prevent sneaky subscriptions from draining your wallet, ensuring your hard-earned cash is not being wasted on subscriptions you don’t use.
- Time Traveler's Aid: Say goodbye to wasted minutes hunting for login info; with this 85-page notebook, you'll zip through your inter-web like a ninja.
- Peace of Mind: Achieve inner peace knowing that your online passwords are in order, leaving you free to focus on more important things - like binge-watching your favorite shows guilt-free.
- Cute Mushroom Doodles: These fun illustrated mushrooms is an added bonus! Why have a boring notebook cover, when you can have a cute mushroom cover. Illustrated by Me, Jande Summer.

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