Double the Zen with Positive Quotes & Coloring | 10 Reasons Why I Love to Color

Double the Zen with Positive Quotes & Coloring | 10 Reasons Why I Love to Color

Coloring benefits for ALL ages:

  1. Promotes self-care: Taking time for oneself to engage in a relaxing activity like coloring is a form of self-care.
  2. Helps process my thoughts: It provides a calm space to process my thoughts. It's like sorting and filing emotions while I color.
  3.  Therapeutic benefits: Coloring can be therapeutic, aiding in emotional healing and self-discovery.
  4.  Mindfulness practice: It encourages living in the present moment and focusing on the task at hand.
  5.  Improves focus + concentration: Coloring requires attention to detail, which can enhance concentration skills.
  6. Boosts self-esteem: Completing a page can provide a sense of accomplishment and boost confidence.
  7. Promotes relaxation: Engaging in a calming activity like coloring can promote relaxation and reduce tension.
  8. It motivates me to keep creating more! Everytime I color a page, I get 100 more ideas and learn something new.
  9. It's an activity for all. My son and I color together, and is a perfect time to promote a conversation and bond.
  10. It's Creative Play! My 9 year old self is loving this, coloring promotes create play and you are never to old to play. 

    So I created + published this positive quote coloring book!! And it's ready for you to enjoy it too!

    Get your copy today here -> Flourish Positivity Coloring Book

    Or on Amazon here ->

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